Tod Deppe  
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Tod Deppe Design, President, 2009-Present
Microsoft Turn 10 Studios:
Artist working on the vehicles team creating car damage scenarios and preparing the cars for the Forza Motorsport and Horizon games.
VRC Modding Team
Created three Formula 1 cars for VRC Modding for use in Assetto Corsa.
Designed and managed rebranding to enhance their web presence, print and trade show materials. Designed web, trade show displays and print advertising campaigns. Provided 3D product rendering for visualization and design materials.
Microsoft Bing Ads:
Assisted with design and successful launch of native ads on Worked with Bing Project Managers, UX designers and researchers on rich ad design options for both mobile and desktop experiences. Explored native ad design options for inclusion in other media outlets such as and
BluLink Solutions:
Assisted the BluLink creative team with UI designs for desktop and mobile timekeeping services application for Microsoft stakeholders. Designed UI and did red lines for several dashboard screens for a market research page in Office 365.
Made changes and enhancements to an existing booth video using 3d animation and motion graphics.
Dow Automotive:
Designed and managed brand development enhancing their web presence with the dealer support site and a mobile installation information site Designed trade show displays and print advertising campaigns. Provided 3D illustrations of their products for product visualization and design.
Progressive Nutrition:
Designed and created their web site and e-commerce site including product illustrations and related print materials.
Designed and managed brand development of print and trade show materials. This included extensive photoshop work, adding smoke, fire and excitement to the photography for their trade show booth.

OIA Marketing Communications, VP/Creative, 1994-2009
Led a team of talented designers in graphic design, web design, UI/UX, multimedia and animation.
Relationship Management: Managed brand relationship between major partners for joint ventures, launches, co-branding and marketing for Dow Automotive and Laddaw, Constantia Spear.

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