Tod Deppe  
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Colabera working at Microsoft Turn 10 Studios
Jan 2018 - Present
Currently working at Microsoft Turn 10 Studios as a Vehicle Artist on Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon game titles.
Aquent working at Microsoft
Apr 2015 - Apr 2017
Designer - Assisted with design and successful launch of Native Ads on Worked with Bing Project Managers and UX researchers on rich ad design options for both mobile and desktop experiences. Explored Native Ad design options for inclusion in other media outlets such as and
BluLink Solutions
Oct 2014 - Dec 2014
UI Design - Assisted the BluLink creative team with UI designs for a timekeeping services application along with market research web page designs for Microsoft.
Tod Deppe Graphic Design
Jan 2009 - Oct 2014
Working as an independent contractor responsible for web site design and creation, animation, motion graphics, print and trade show materials.
OIA Marketing Communications
Jan 1994 - Jan 2009
Creative Director - OIA Marketing Communications - Full-time Creative Director up until 2009. Working with other talented people I was responsible for Creative Direction on web, print, video and trade shows projects.
SKILLS: 3d Animation, 3ds Max, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Luxology Modo, MAYA, Motion Graphics, Photo Manipulation, UI/UX, Website Prototyping Using HTML5 And CSS
Dow Automotive
Designed and managed brand development enhancing their web presence with the dealer support site and a mobile installation information site Designed trade show displays and print advertising campaigns. Provided 3D illustrations of their products for product visualization and design.

Constantia Spear
Designed and built their web site in 2011. Managed and developed brand by creating their trade show booth graphics, including booth video and print ads.

Crane Pumps
Designed and created a series of ads for their sump pumps and sewage pumps. Created an interactive touch screen information application for their trade show booth.

Made changes and enhancements to an existing booth video using 3d animation and motion graphics.

Designed and managed brand development of print and trade show materials. This included extensive photo manipulation, adding smoke, fire and excitement to the photography for their trade show booth.

Crane Valves
Designed and created a video for Pacific Wedgeplug Valves depicting the advantages over other types of valves. It was translated in to several languages and even used for training purposes.

Relationship Management
Managed brand relationship between major partners for joint ventures, launches, co-branding and marketing for Dow Automotive and Laddaw, Constantia and Spear.

Creative Process Design & Implementation
Created a company-wide culture of quality, repeatability, and accountability for each client while optimizing resources.
Clients and Brands
Microsoft • Dow Automotive • Dow PolyCarb • Constantia Spear • Lion • Starfield-Lion • Progressive Nutrition • Citura • Sunglo Feeds • Crane Pumps • Crane Valves • McDonalds • Leviton • Speedway America • and more

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